Mission & Vision


“Our vision is to be one of the leading training providers in the BANGLADESH by offering innovative and high-quality learning experiences for both learners and businesses to live in digital era”. 


IBCS-PRIMAX believe every person has amazing potentiality to be successful at their highest potential. And, we transform lives by empowering people with ICT skills and training.

IBCS-PRIMAX is dedicated to supporting our students for meet their objectives. As a result of these partnerships, our professional can bring values to workplace, customers and stakeholders.


IBCS-PRIMAX look after community through these core beliefs and principles:

Making a meaningful impact

Acting with honesty & integrity

Clear & Reliable Communication

Ensuring and Delivering Quality Services

Developing Top Notch Training Programmes

Determined for Continuous Improvement

Demonstrating teamwork

Respecting Others

Optimizing Shareholder Value

Guided by our core values, we are focused to uplift trainings skills to the highest possible levels of achievement.