Red Hat Gluster Storage (RH 236)

Duration: 40 Hrs.



Hardware-based storage segregates information, making it hard to find, access, and manage. Adding capacity to your traditional system often disrupts access to data. And if your hardware fails, it can bring your business to a standstill. Red Hat® Gluster Storage is different. It's open, software-defined file storage that scales out as much as you need. You can easily and securely manage large, unstructured, and semi-structured data at a fraction of the cost of traditional, monolithic storage. And only Red Hat lets you deploy the same storage on premise; in private, public, or hybrid clouds; and in Linux® containers.


Students will learn how to install, configure, and maintain a cluster of Red Hat Storage servers. The course will also explore highly available common Internet file systems (CIFS) and network file systems (NFS) using Clustered Trivial DataBase (CTDB), unified file and object storage, and geo-replication. Finally, students will learn about the Hadoop plugin for Red Hat Storage, snapshots, and geo-replication.

Red Hat Gluster Storage (RH 236)

Duration: 40 Hrs.

Course Outline:

Deploy and configure Red Hat Gluster Storage instances on virtual and physical systems.

Configure and manage Red Hat Gluster Storage volumes.

Configure Red Hat Gluster Storage clients.

Configure Red Hat Gluster Storage features.

Manage and troubleshoot Red Hat Gluster Storage instances.

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RH 23640-HoursWednesday6 pm to 9 pmAugust-2022

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