Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) 12C /19C Database Administration

Course Duration: 120-Hours

 About Oracle Database: Introduction to SQL(40 Hours)

Prerequisites Requirements

·         This course start from zero knowledge to expert level.

·         Windows Operating system is preferred, but this is not mandatory if you have the knowledge of downloading Oracle database 12c on other OS.

·         Downloading oracle database and this will be covered in details on Windows OS.

·         No need for any prerequisite database skills, this course designed from Zero to certified level

Objectives of Oracle Database: Introduction to SQL

·         Identify the major structural components of the Oracle Database 12c

·         Create reports of aggregated data

·         Write SELECT statements that include queries

·         Retrieve row and column data from tables

·         Run data manipulation statements (DML) in Oracle Database 12c

·         Create tables to store data

·         Utilize views to display data

·         Control database access to specific objects

·         Manage schema objects

·         Display data from multiple tables using the ANSI SQL 99 JOIN syntax

·         Manage objects with data dictionary views

·         Write multiple-column sub-queries

·         Employ SQL functions to retrieve customized data

·         Use scalar and correlated sub-queries

·         Create reports of sorted and restricted data

About Oracle Database 19c: Administration(40 Hours)

Prerequisites Requirements

·         You should know Oracle SQL very well.

·         PL/SQL will be added value for this course, but it is not mandatory.

·         Windows Operating system is preferred, but it is not mandatory.

·         Minimum 50 GB free space in order to install oracle and doing backup exercises.

·         Minimum 8 GB RAM

·         Oracle virtual box , Oracle Database and Linux installation will be covered in details.

·         Note that Oracle SQL exam 1Z0-071 should be taken first before applying 1Z0-062

Objectives of Oracle Database 19C: Administration

·         To understand and manage the Oracle Database Architecture

·         To be able to manage and monitor to running of an Oracle Database 12C/19C  instance To understand how to manage network connections, security, and privileges on an Oracle Database 12C database

·         To understand how to use manage tablespaces and undo data

·         To understand how data concurrency and auditing is managed and implemented in Oracle Database 12C/19C

·         To understand how to prepare for and perform data backup and recovery tasks in Oracle Database 12C/19C

·         To understand the importance of proactive database maintenance, and how to implement it

About Oracle Database 19C: Backup and Recovery Workshop(40 Hours)

Prerequisites Requirements

·         Familiarity with Oracle database administration

·         Familiarity with Linux operating system basics

Objectives of Oracle Database 19c: Backup and Recovery Workshop

·         Use the Data Recovery Advisor to diagnose and repair failures

·         Use Oracle Flashback Technologies to recover from human error

·         Perform an encrypted database backup and restore.

·         Perform tablespace point-in-time recovery

·         Describe additional high availability features such as Oracle Data Guard.

·         Gain an understanding of the Oracle Database Cloud Service

·         Describe Oracle Database backup methods and recovery operations that can be used to resolve database failure.

·         Describe the Oracle Database architecture components related to backup and recovery operations

·         Plan effective backup and recovery procedures.

·         Configure the database for recoverability

·         Use Recovery Manager (RMAN) to create backups and perform recovery operations


Oracle 19c: Database Administration

Course Outline (Total Training Duration: 120 hours)

Oracle Database 12c: Introduction to SQL: 1Z0-071 (40 Hours)

Introduction  Retrieve Data using the SQL SELECT Statement Restricting and Sorting Data Usage of Single-Row Functions to Customize Output Using Conversion Functions and Conditional Expressions Reporting Aggregate Data Using the Group Functions Displaying Data From Multiple Tables Using Joins Using Sub-queries to Solve Queries Using The SET Operators Managing Tables Using DML Statement Introduction to Data Definition Language  Introduction to Data Dictionary Views  Creating Sequence, Synonyms & Indexes Creating Views  Managing  Schema Objects  Retrieving Data by Using Subqueries  Manipulating Data by Using Subqueries Controlling User Access Manipulating Data Managing Data in different Time Zones  


Oracle Database 19c: Administration: 1Z0-082 (40 Hours)

Getting Started Exploring Oracle Database Architecture Managing Database Instances Creating PDBs Configuring the Oracle Network Environment Administering User Security Creating and Managing Tablespaces Managing Storage Space Managing UNDO Data Moving Data Backup and Recovery Concepts Monitoring and Tuning Database Performance SQL Tuning Oracle Database Resource Manager Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Introduction to Oracle Database Cloud Service Creating DBCS Database Deployments Managing DBCS Database Deployments Backing Up and Restoring DBCS Database Deployments Patching DBCS Database Deployments Creating Master Encryption Keys for PDBs Tablespace Encryption by Default.


Oracle Database 19c: Backup and Recovery Workshop: 1Z0-083(40 Hours)

Introduction Getting Started Configuring for Recoverablility Using the RMAN Recovery Catalog Backup Strategies and Terminology Performing Backups Improving Your Backups Using RMAN-Encrypted Backups Diagnosing Database Failures Restore and Recovery Concepts Performing Recovery, Part 1 Performing Recovery, Part 2 RMAN and Oracle Secure Backup Performing Tape Backups and Restores Using Flashback Technologies  Using  Flashback  Database  Managing  Backup  Space  or Transporting  Data Duplicating a Database RMAN Performance and Tuning Backup and Recovery Workshop Oracle Database Cloud Service: Overview

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