Company Brief

Company Brief

IBCS- PRIMAX Software {Bangladesh) a CMMI Level- 3 and ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 20000 certified Bangladesh-British joint venture company established under the laws of Bangladesh in 1989 by a group of IT experts, with the ambition of creating a dynamic business orientated, software application provider capable of delivering professional IT solutions of the highest quality, both for the domestic and international arena.


Our vision is the synergy of leading international business applications delivered with local expertise, 'built by Bangladeshis, delivered to the world'. Today businesses need to work a lot smarter, not just harder. As the global business world shrinks and competition increases, industry compliance is now more essential than ever; serving and expanding your customers becomes paramount. IBCS-PRIMAX services and solutions provide an end-to-end IT business model for our clients from training, advisory services, implementation to support and managed services.


We are an independent business software solution provider holistic in our approach and technology agnostic. IBCS-PRIMAX views your business as a whole and empowers it by implementing the best qualified software applications. Since we are independent we do not try to 'fit' your business into a single IT product rather we aim to deliver your business goals by using those IT products that will best aid in delivering those goals.


With over 32+ years of experience in providing comprehensive enterprise software solutions to meet the reality of a company's complex and dynamic business environment. IBCS-PRIMAX has become an established leader in the field of delivering business software applications and has distinguished itself as a system integrator capable of satisfying the IT business needs of an organization. Operating in multiple business verticals, government and non-government organizations (NGO), financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing, apparel and textile, construction and real estate, pharmaceutical, chemical, health and education we have a rich history with a client base exceeding 400+.


The Education division of IBCS-PRIMAX was established in 1992 with a view to develop skilled resources for the IT industry in Bangladesh. IBCS-PRIMAX which is a dynamic and fast-growing IT service provider; specialized in providing IT certification training in Bangladesh. Since 1992; IBCS-PRIMAX is working hard constantly to empower the community through an exceptional standard of learning for our participants who will work to construct a better future. The institute is dedicated to serving the quality training programs under standard certification which makes us distinct from others.


IBCS-PRIMAX is focused on helping businesses to connect and collaborate internally and externally with their suppliers and customers; simplify and reduce business processes, provide greater insight into the 'health' of a business through our software solutions.


With over 140+ full time personnel consultants and offices in Dhaka, India, United Kingdom (registered as IBCS-PRIMAX Software Ltd.). IBCS-PRIMAX is now more capable then ever in providing a software solution to address your business needs.



Carpe Diem!'

Seize the day!


Jamal Ahmed

Managing Director