Real-Life Professional Web Application Development Course on PHP & Laravel

Area of Study:

  • Designing Language: HTML5, CSS3
  • Designing Framework: Bootstrap 5.0
  • Programming Language: PHP 8.0
  • Structured Query Language: MySQL
  • PHP Framework: Laravel 8.0


Course Duration: 90 Hours


  • Should have good knowledge of basic computer skills.
  • Should have good knowledge on Internet Browsing.

Real-Life Professional Web Application Development Course on PHP & Laravel

Course Duration: 90 Hours


Class 1/ Learning the Basics of Web Technology:

  • Idea about - Web Designing, Web Development, Software Development, Freelancing.
  • Basic Ideas on - Domain, Hosting, Server, Programming Language, Designing Language, Structured Query Language, Framework, CMS, Local Server.
  • Discuss on what we will be Learning in this course and how?
  • Introducing WWW/W3C (World Wide Web).
  • Browsers & How they work?
  • Client & Server Communication.
  • What is the difference between Client Side & Server-Side Scripting? 
  • What is the difference between Static & Dynamic Websites? 
  • Coding Environment (Text Editor, IDE).


Class 2/ Practicing the HTML and HTML Pages:

  • Discuss about HTML 5 Basic Structure, Tag, Element, Attribute, Comment.
  • Formatting Tags (Bold, Italic, Code, Superscript, Subscript, Strikethrough).
  • HTML5 Heading, Paragraph, Fonts, Images.
  • HTML5 List, List Type, Link (Internal, Local, Global).
  • Html5 Table, Table Formatting.
  • HTML5 Media (Audio, Video).
  • Meta Tag, Meta Attributes, Keywords, Description, Author, Page Refresh.
  • HTML5 Form (Input Text Fields, Password, Checkboxes, Radio, Text areas, Uploads, Select, Submit, Reset).
  • HTML5 Semantic Element (Header, Footer, Main, Aside, Article).
  • HTML5 Entities, Style, Div Element.



Class 3/ Practicing Basic CSS Codes:

  • How to and Where to CSS code, Comments in CSS, Converting Style Attribute to CSS.
  • ID Selector, Class Selector, Grouping Selector, Link Stylesheet.
  • Working with Background.
  • Padding, Margin, List, Font, Link, and Table using CSS.
  • Border in CSS, Box Shadow, Opacity, Horizontal Alignment, Background Image Handling.
  • Float, Clear Tag, Columns.
  • Concept various type of menu (Single level menu, Dropdown Menu).
  • Designing a Form.

Class 4/ Practicing CSS Layouts:

  • Understanding the concept of Template & Theme.
  • Designing a Layout Using CSS.


MODULE 3 – JavaScript

Class 5/ JavaScript Basic:

  • Basic JavaScript (Syntax, Variable, Operators, Functions, Comment).
  • JavaScript Events, Statements, If, Else, Else If, Loop, Array.
  • Working with JavaScript Alert, Confirm, Prompt, Print, Pop Up, Date, From.
  • JavaScript advances (getElementByID, innerHTML).


MODULE 4 – Bootstrap

Class 6/ Bootstrap Basic:

  • Introduction Bootstrap, Why Bootstrap, including bootstrap CDN, create Master Template.
  • How Grids work on Bootstrap, Bootstrap fixed Layout, Fluid Layout, more Grid Size, Varying Grid Size, Offsetting Column, Multiple Rows, Nested Row Column.
  • Bootstrap Table, Card, Form, Button Group, Alert, Media Object.
  • Bootstrap Navbar, Carousel, Modal, Collapse, Accordion, Tab.


Class 7/ Bootstrap Layout:

  • Designing Responsive Website using Bootstrap.


MODULE 5 – PHP (Basics)

Class 8/ Learning Basics of PHP (Part-1):

  • How to use Local Server Application (XAMPP, WAMP, LAMP, MAMP).
  • Setting Up a Development Environment.
  • Basic concepts on PHP - Syntax, Print / Echo.
  • Data Types and Variables in PHP.
  • Operators in PHP Programming.
  • If...Else...Else-If – Different conditional statements in PHP.


Class 9/ Learning Basic Topics in PHP (Part-2):

  • Switch – PHP Switch Case.
  • PHP Function.
  • While loop, Do While Loop, For Loops and Foreach Loop – Practical implementation of Loop.
  • Date – Use of Date functions and their Elements.
  • Arrays – Array Types.


Class 10/ Learning Advanced Topics in PHP:

  • PHP Super global.
  • PHP Form Handling.
  • PHP File Upload.


Class 11/ Learning Advanced Topics in PHP:

  • Cookies – How to use Cookies in PHP.
  • Sessions – Use of Session, Guideline about Login-Registration System.
  • PHP Include Function, Require Function.


Class 12/ Learning MySQL Database:

  • Introduction to Database & MySQL Database.
  • Introduction to PhpMyAdmin.
  • Making Database.
  • MySQL Data Types.
  • MySQL Syntax Order.
  • Understanding MySQL TIMESTAMP.
  • Working with Tables (Creating Tables, Showing & Describing Tables in a Database, Drop Tables, MySQL Primary Key, Foreign Key, Auto Increment).
  • Database Backup, Export Database, Import Database.


Class 13/ Create a Basic Project

  • How to connect MySQL Database using MySQL.
  • Create a simple Dynamic Website project using MySQL Database.


MODULE 6 – Object-Oriented PHP

Class 14/ Learning Object-oriented PHP:

  • Knowing details about Class and Object.
  • Properties & Method.
  • Method Chaining.
  • Understanding Constructor and Destructor.
  • Encapsulation – Private, Public and Protected Data Type.
  • Static Variable, Static Function.
  • Magic Method - Call, Set and Autoload Function.
  • Concept of Namespace.


Class 15/ Handling Database using PDO (Object Oriented Crud Part-1):

  • Connect to Database using PHP PDO.
  • Select Data in Database.
  • Insert Data in Database.


Class 16/ Handling Database using PDO (Object Oriented Crud Part-2):

  • Update Data in Database.
  • Delete Data from Database using PHP MySQLi Class.


Class 17/ Handling Database using PDO (Authentication System):

  • Registration in PHP MySQLi Class.
  • Login in PHP MySQLi Class.


MODULE 7 – PHP Framework (Laravel)

Class 18/ Laravel Introduction:

  • Laravel Overview.
  • Development Environment.
  • Laragon.
  • Composer.
  • Git.
  • Concept of Laravel Architecture.
  • Request Lifecycle.
  • Laravel Folder &  File Structure Overview.


Class 19/ Working with laravel Frontend:

  • Introduction to Route and complete understand of it.
  • Views.
  • Controllers.
  • Model.
  • Migration.
  • Blade Templates.
  • Master Layout Setup.
  • Blade Feature.
  • Compiling Asset.


Class 20Advanced Laravel CRUD:

  • Advance CRUD Part 1.
  • Advance CRUD Part 2.
  • Advance CRUD Part 3.
  • Advance CRUD Part 4.


Class 21/ Working with laravel Authentication

  • Authentication.
  • Middleware.
  • Mastering Templates.

MODULE 8 – Real-Life Professional Project

Class 22-30/ Live Project:

  • Requirement Analysis.
  • Documentation Create.
  • System Design.
  • Database Design.
  • Project Development.
  • Testing.
  • Server Configuration & Deployment.
  • Final Exam.

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