What it is about:-

This Oracle Database 12c: Administration course explores the fundamentals of basic database administration and a deep understanding of the most important responsibilities a DBA has within the world’s #1 Database Management System . It provides complete view to take preparation for DBA 12c OCP exam.


Describe Oracle SQL to perform activity on database; Describe Oracle Database Architecture; Install and configure Oracle Database 12c; Configure Oracle Net services; Monitor and administer undo data; Manage the database storage structures; Create and administer user accounts; Perform basic backup and recovery of a database; Manage data concurrency; Monitor performance; Back and recover a database (and its parts) with RMAN (command-line and Enterprise Manager);Use flashback technology to view past states of data and to revert either objects or the entire database back to a past state; Use an appropriate and flexible memory configuration for your database; Identify burdensome database sessions and poorly performing SQL; Configure the Oracle Database for optimal recovery; Configure the database instance such that resources are appropriately allocated among sessions and tasks; Schedule jobs to run inside or outside of the database; Use compression to optimize database storage and duplicate a database.

Who should attend:-

This course is for those who aim to be Database Administrator. Also the people who already perform the role Database Administrators/Technical Administrator/Support Engineer/Technical Consultant/Java Developer in IT enabled industries.


Taka 60,000/-



Nothing from December 4, 2020 to March 3, 2021.

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