What it is about:-

Cassandra training helps you master NoSQL database known for Scalability and High Availability without compromising on Performance. You'll gain expertise in Cassandra Data Model, Data Modeling, Architecture, Cassandra Hadoop Integration, CQL with real-life industry use-cases. The Apache Cassandra course starts with the fundamental concepts of using a highly-scalable, column-oriented database to implement appropriate use cases. It will cover topics like Cassandra Data models, Cassandra Architecture, Differences between RDBMS and Cassandra to name a few. There will be many challenging, practical and focused hands-on exercises for the learners during this course.


  • Introducing big data and Cassandra
  • Understand big data
  • Understand Cassandra and NoSQL domain
  • Review Cassandra Architecture
  • Developing for Cassandra
  • Cassandra performance tuning
  • Describe Cassandra
  • Understand common use cases

Who should attend:-

  • A developer working with large-scale, high-volume websites.
  • An application architect or data architect who needs to understand the available options for high-performance, decentralized, elastic data stores.
  • A database administrator or database developer currently working with standard relational database systems who needs to understand how to implement a fault-tolerant, eventually consistent data store.
  • A manager who wants to understand the advantages (and disadvantages) of Cassandra and related columnar databases to help make decisions about technology strategy.
  • A student, analyst, or researcher who is designing a project related to Cassandra or other non-relational data store options.


Taka 26500/-


48 Hours

Nothing from December 4, 2020 to March 3, 2021.

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